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Culture of Touching

Almost immediately, we noticed how the (Tango) embrace looks completely natural in Buenos Aires. Why have we so often seen awkward embraces in North America? Besides the possible issues one might have with physical closeness and intimacy, here is one of our hypotheses: Physical closeness and intimacy are multi-day occurrences in Argentina. To begin with, friends kiss and hug each other to say hello and goodbye. But the custom extends beyond this and is not reserved solely for friends. When meeting someone for the first time, the same greeting takes place. Even co-workers and bosses take part in this custom. It is not gender specific either. What a beautiful site to see two men kiss one another, cheek to cheek!

The Argentine people are completely accustomed to putting their faces side by side and reaching their arms around one another. It is what they do. The embrace is a part of their everyday existence.