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Now that we got your attention with the last post, we can add some clarifications.  The phrase “stick your butt out” was used only because it is the most used comment to refer to women whose butts APPEAR to be sticking out.  We never learned, nor do we teach, women to stick their butts out.  What we learned, and it was from MEN (we never learned from Andrea Misse, but we can guarantee you she does not teach women to “stick out their butts” either), was the concept of pulling your hips back.  There is a HUGE difference between the two.  If you stick out your butt out, you generally lean forward and bring your chest downward.  You are also arching your back if you have managed to keep your chest upright.  However, if you pull your hips back (and maintain your chest position), your back does not arch or collapse.  This is the way women can create space “downstairs” so that there is space for the legs and they can eliminate the incidence of chipped toenails and self-mutilation (often happening during plain old walking, crosses, ochos, and adornments).

Take a look at “everyone’s” favourite dancer and you will see that Geraldine is doing it too:

We’re not telling you blog readers what to do or believe.  But we are sharing a major gem with you – a gem that comes from women taking control of their dance and allowing Tango to evolve slightly.  Since learning this (along with a few other concepts that will be shared in future posts) and applying it, K now owns her axis, her balance, and her dance.

Who is Javier Rodriguez?

Let us begin with a quote a dear (tango) friend of ours made about Tango and Javier: “Not knowing who Geraldine and Javier are would be the same as saying you love ballet and you don’t know who Baryshnikov is.”

We are constantly amazed when people who love Tango have no idea who this couple are (were) and this is a thought we have had even before we came to Buenos Aires and before we finally decided to try a private lesson with Javier. We booked a private with him long after arriving in Buenos Aires and only after seeing him perform in Sunderland (a milonga here in Buenos Aires). It was there that we saw just how incredible and respected he is. After his performance with Stella Misse, the locals (including many milongueros) were on their feet and the sound of applause all but raised the roof!

Javier does not teach choreography unless it’s specifically what you are looking for. He dances an improvised Tango and his performances are improvised (unless it’s an OBVIOUS choreography – we say obvious because we have heard/read many people say/write that one of Javier’s demos was a good choreography when it was in fact an improvisation). Whether he dances big or small is completely dependent on the space he has. There hasn’t been a dancer/teacher/milonguero here who has has told us to dance small all the time. In fact, we’ve been told the complete opposite: When you have the space, use it!

Javier’s lessons have completely opened our eyes to what Tango is here in Buenos Aires. He has helped us to understand how porteños view and feel about Tango … how to dance with male and female energies… etc, etc… Javier can blow your mind and change your life with regards to tango. And he can do it in just one lesson.