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A Little Love Our Way

Thank you to Damian Thompson over at Tango Reviews for writing a lovely review about our performance in Seoul.  You can read it and watch the video of our dancing by following this link.


The two of us, Jorge* and K, began dancing Argentine Tango just over 2 years ago after choosing to “retire” from competitive ballroom dancing. We fell in love with Tango quite quickly and became serious about it immediately. By serious, we mean that we did what many Tango aficionados do: We began taking private and group lessons every week, we devoured tango videos, we researched the dance, and we danced often.

Over a year ago we came up with a plan to spend 6 months learning and dancing tango in Buenos Aires. Our plan is coming to fruition and we leave for Bs.As. at the end of September. In preparation for our Tango trip, we began researching tango and the city from different angles. We discovered all the tango blogs out in cyberspace and we knew we would unleash our own one day. That day has come…

These are our thoughts on tango. These are our experiences as students (postscript: and now as teachers).  This is our way of talking through our experiences with tango and sharing what we have learned Argentine Tango is. We are simply writing what has come to be our truth.**

*Jorge is an adopted Spanish name

** We realize that our truth has the potential to change and that it will most likely change once we immerse ourselves in the porteno Tango scene.