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Learning How to Move vs. Learning Moves

As we become more advanced, we realize that the walk is the most beautiful and satisfying part of Tango. If one is bored by only walking (as leaders or followers), to us, that’s a sure sign that one hasn’t found Tango yet.

Like most people, it is easy to become fascinated by steps and sequences.  Fortunately, our private lessons rarely focused on such things. We worked on the embrace, the walk, leading/following, posture, and overall technique. We were always learning HOW to move. Even when we went to group lessons where teachers were teaching sequences, Jorge would pick it up right away… and forget it just as quickly once we left. We were told/taught that we would pick up the “moves” once we understood how to move. How true that was and is.

The unfortunate fact is that it is difficult to motivate people to try Tango and stay with the dance when you teach them only how to walk. Especially if these people have no dance background. Having a dance background has allowed us to view the learning of Tango dramatically different from those without. Yes, we enjoy getting caught up in the technicalities of the dance, but with that, we are able to appreciate learning and dancing the basics of the dance; the basics that make up Tango.