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Creativity and Being Unique

We’ve previously written about copycats in Tango. And we will write in the future about our thoughts on the slowly brewing Tango norm: “Estilo Mundial” (This is a randomly chosen video and they ALL look the same!?). For now, we wanted to delve into what we think about being “creative” and “unique” when there is such a HUGE stress on it in Tango.

We think it’s bullshit.

How about this: Just be yourself.

People constantly complain about clones and when they do so, there’s an unspoken/unwritten assumption that the person should be “unique” instead. By definition, each one of us is unique – hence the term “individual”. However, we are all humans.  We are all one. We share more things in common than not (“Hug a stranger today. If you go back far enough we are all related somehow.”). So why do we have to try to be so different?

Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t interested in being clones. We’ve never really been sheep.  In childhood, Jorge only had whatever his mother could afford. This, of course, meant brand names rarely existed in his home. Plus he was a ballroom dancer. That’s not quite what teenage boys are usually getting into at that time in their lives. Meanwhile, K specifically fought against going with the norm her whole life. She purposefully avoided many fads: desert boots and Converse in the 80’s, George Michael and belly button rings in the 90’s, and cell phones in the 2000’s ;) HOWEVER, it didn’t mean she flipped to the other extreme to be “unique”. Being “unique” is really just a timeless FAD. Why aren’t people happy to just be themselves?

Yes, we need innovators in the world.  We need people who push the envelope and challenge themselves and others.  However, Tango evolved (slowly) as dancers sought to challenge the dance ever so slightly and/or stumbled accidentally upon better and more efficient ways to move. We don’t believe there was a goal in mind to be super creative or unique, or an effort made to change the dance. Those who sought to change the dance (quickly), by being “unique” and “creative”, are those responsible for Nuevo Tango and other versions of Tango (which are not, as many people would like to have us believe, a “style” of Argentine Tango).

By being yourself, you are being all you need to be in life and in Tango.

Seoul Tango Festival Photos

A few posts ago, we shared our experiences from the Seoul Tango Festival.  Should you wish to see some of what we saw, please feel free to take a look at the photos Jani (aka Jorge) took while we were there.

O Demos; How We Hate Thee!

Apparently, we’re supposed to like performing demos.  Somehow being a teacher means we’re not supposed to get nervous when we dance said demos.  But we’re not nervous when we perform!? Noooooo… We’re “excited” (*sarcasm*).

Take a look at the kitties below. They tell it the way it is.  Gato numero uno is nervous.


Gato numero dos is excited.


We’re with gato numero uno.  We may well want to be gato numero dos when we dance a demo, but the rapid heart beat, shaking, and stiff muscles all lead us to believe we are nervous.  We’re shaking (literally) in our Tango-booties.  While there may be a serious issue with those Tango dancers who seem to like performing/acting more than they like the actual improvised/social Tango they’re dancing, we would love to experience a taste of their adrenaline-free demo.

The idea that the essence of Argentine Tango is easily lost in a performance is often very true for us.  Meanwhile, this is said as we head to Korea to partake and PERFORM  (eek!) in the Seoul Tango Festival.  We’re learning though.  We’re learning that sometimes it’s better to keep our demos “simple”.  However we’re also learning that sometimes it’s better if we take risks, as it opens the door to dancing from our soul.   That is why we are not going to choose the songs for our demo until the day of the performance and we’re going to choose songs outside our usual comfort zone.  This is another chance to remind ourselves that the dance is for the two of us… we don’t need to be perfect… Tango is about being free and so…

We release and destroy the need to impress anyone.

Up and Running

After being offline for some time, our blog is back up and running!  With the help of a friend (thank you!!!), we have edited many of our previous posts.  We want to do our best to share what we have discovered Argentine Tango to be with our readers… and now we feel that our posts do that better than before.

Thank you for being patient :)