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Chicho This. Chicho That.

The topic of the month seems to be Chicho and the interviews he had with the ATDRC and El Tangauta magazine.  Personally, the interviews irk us on so many levels – starting with the fact that Chicho refers to himself as a milonguero!?  However, there’s no point in discussing that.  What we did want to bring up deals more with Chicho’s floorcraft and that of Nuevo Tango dancers (although Chicho claims to dance straight-up Tango).  It’s been said that Chicho dances “properly” like the other dancers in a traditional milonga.  Anyone who has been to Sunderland Club in Buenos Aires has most likely seen Chicho show up to dance towards the end of the night.  This means they’ve also seen how he goes into the middle of the floor, claims his space, and dances there for most of the night.  He may move around, but what you will definitely see is people making space for, or steering clear of, him and his partner’s flying legs.  It’s true, you can see he’s aware of the people around him and ready to adjust his movement, but nonetheless, he’s taking up more space than any other couple on the floor and he’s not following the unspoken rules of the milonga such as keeping your feet low to the ground.

All this to say that Nuevo Tango dancers may be very aware of the dancers around them and ready/able to adjust their dance, but it doesn’t change the fact that the very dance they’re dancing is not conducive to a small or crowded dance space.  Simply by being in an open hold, you are taking up almost twice the space of a couple in an embrace.  And when the most common nuevo move (the boleo, or volcada, or colgada, etc.) is inserted into an open hold dance, you are taking up a load of space and infringing on someone else’s space.

By the way, there’s also a fantastic example of Gustavo Naveira’s questionable floorcraft on Tango and Chaos.