A Metaphor For Life

Some people are content to walk through life at a shuffle. They are content (although not necessarily happy) to be where they are in life. They see no need to improve themselves or to grow as an individual. In this same way, some people are content to shuffle their way through Tango.

Einstein & Tango

In “real” life, K is a major speed walker; full of energy (read hyper), and constantly on the search for efficiency.  She also likes to take the lead in life.  For this reason, her struggles in Tango (and in life) revolve around slowing down and letting go.

In “real” life, Jorge is easy-going and indecisive.  He’s gentle and has difficulty accepting who he is.  For this reason, his struggles in Tango (and in life) revolve around taking the reigns and being in charge.

Those who want life or tango to be all-positive and all-perfect refuse to accept all that life… and Tango… have to offer.  When you don’t allow yourself to be vulnerable, you are likely to miss all that life… and Tango… have to offer. For some people, denial is a strong motivator and they prefer to live in an “everything-is-fun-all-the-time” delusion.

Tango is Life.  Life is Tango.  Be happy with who you are and be happy with your Tango.  Love all the perfection and the imperfection.  At the same time, strive to be all that you can be and don’t settle for being “content”.

About Movement Invites Movement

We are relatively young Argentine Tango dancers and teachers who are married both to each other and the dance. We truly found Tango after making an 8-month Tango pilgrimage to Buenos Aires and we are using this blog to share our thoughts and feelings about our Tango experiences. We are not aspiring authors and our writing skills are questionable, but we write our truth. View all posts by Movement Invites Movement

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