Suggestion #163

Men:  After going to the bathroom and touching your penises, please wash your hands!?

Jorge has bore witness to many bathroom atrocities, however, he is happy to report that most of these atrocities have happened outside of North America (hallelujah)!  Believe it or not, Buenos Aires has had the most male culprits leaving toilets without sterilizing their hands.  Yes, this is quite humourous coming from the land of Tango “codigos”.

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3 responses to “Suggestion #163

  • jantango

    It’s not only the men who leave without washing. Often the lavatories have only cold water and no soap. I don’t know any Argentines who use hand gel.

    Organizers aren’t about to station someone in the restrooms to make sure that everyone uses hand gel before returning to dance. We have to accept the fact that handwashing will never be enforced in the milongas of BsAs.

    • Movement Invites Movement

      Obviously there won’t be any hand-washing police at the milongas :)

      We never experienced a lack of soap in the bathrooms in Buenos Aires and cold water is definitely not a reason to avoid washing your hands. Even with a lack of soap, rubbing your hands under water is better than nothing!? We just find it amusing and hypocritical that tanguero/milongueros think it’s disgusting for a woman to change her shoes at the table. We would rather hold hands with someone who has touched their shoes/feet than someone who has touched their genitals.

  • jantango

    The other day at El Arranque a man sat down at the table next to Alito and me. He proceded to change his shoes. Alito pinched his nose.

    Fifteen years ago you were lucky if the ladies’ rooms were equipped with toilet paper or paper towels. There has been improvement over the years.

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