Daily Archives: October 12, 2010

Floorcrap…Oops… Floorcraft.

Floorcraft has, without a doubt, improved in Toronto.  We’re not saying it’s good or even remotely good, but it has improved dramatically since we first began.  Then again, we knew nothing about floorcraft back then because no one taught us about it.  Nowadays, SOME dancers are grasping the idea of inside and outside lanes, and not passing.   That said, the biggest issues we see in our city are:

i)  The Snails: leaders who forget that a line of dancers exists behind them and that their execution of stand-still “parada”, after “parada”, after “parada”, is unacceptable.  Especially when the music is not asking for pauses of any kind

ii)  The Sprinters: leaders who don’t know how to turn or dance on the spot and only continue to move forward ramming themselves and their partners into the couple in front of them.

iii)  The Drive-By Shooters: these are usually the Sprinters who do not know how to turn or dance on the spot and therefore “have to” pass every couple they encounter.

Constant passing is bad enough, but what is completely unacceptable, is passing on the OUTSIDE RIGHT (especially if you’re already dancing in the outside lane).  There are only a handful of these leaders who think (or rather don’t think) that passing couples on the right in a man’s BLIND SPOT is acceptable.

The analogy is that Tango floorcraft is like driving.  When you’re driving in the right lane, you don’t pass cars on the right on the gravel siding or sidewalk.  If you pass, you do so using the left lane.

In general, leaders cannot see to their right and as a leader, you should know this. So PLEASE stop it now.*

*We are not talking about beginners or dancers with limited experience.  These are people who have been dancing a year or many more.