Daily Archives: July 27, 2010

Blowing Smoke Up Your A**

We are tough teachers.  We constantly joke with our students that we have a whip in hand.  K likes to make (poorly done) whipping noises.  We don’t tell our students they “have it” unless they do.  On the flip side of the coin, we compliment our students.  A LOT.  Jorge, the sweet one, has actually said that we may, in fact, compliment our students too much because sometimes our students begin to act like they no longer need our input – their egos start taking over ;)

Now the one thing we won’t do is schmooze with “potential” students or beg new students to stay with us.  We won’t tell you how amazing you are so that your ego feels great and you want to stay with us.  Why?  Because we love Tango.  Let us repeat that.

We. Love. Tango.

We teach Tango because we love Tango AND we love teaching it.  So when a new student came to us with some experience in Tango (having learned from various teachers in the city) and had a real natural talent and feeling for the dance, we wanted to wrap him up and take him home with us.  We have witnessed many other teachers getting dollar signs in their eyes and swollen egos in these very situations.  We have our own faults, but this isn’t going to be one of them.  We told this student that we didn’t care who he learned from, but we would hunt him down and kill him if he didn’t stick with Tango.

Now that is love ;)