“Close” Embrace


Photo by “Jorge”


In Spanish, there exists only “el abrazo“.  Why then in English do we say anything more than “the embrace” (when referring to a chest-to-chest embrace – in whatever “style”)?  It seems to us that one of the reasons there is a problem with the embrace outside of Argentina is due to English-speaking people having created terms, and thus concepts, such as “close embrace” and “open embrace”.

The two of us will now make a conscious effort (in our teachings and in general) to refer only to “the embrace” and “open hold”.

About Movement Invites Movement

We are relatively young Argentine Tango dancers and teachers who are married both to each other and the dance. We truly found Tango after making an 8-month Tango pilgrimage to Buenos Aires and we are using this blog to share our thoughts and feelings about our Tango experiences. We are not aspiring authors and our writing skills are questionable, but we write our truth. View all posts by Movement Invites Movement

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