Daily Archives: December 8, 2009

Out of the Closet

We’re doing it.  We’re coming out of the metaphorical closet we’ve been in since we began this blog.  Although most people in our Tango community knew who we, the authors, were (that is if they were aware of this blog at all), we’ve decided to make it official.  Now you can get a real look at the wackos who post here:

That’s us: Jorge and K.

This picture was taken over two years ago and we were just having fun being goofballs on our 6-year “together” anniversary before heading out to a milonga… and it seemed like the perfect picture to use here :)  We have names and we have a background… and we have a website.  We even have an email address should you feel inclined to write.


(The website looks so much prettier if you have the Pristina font installed on your computer… you know… in case you wanted it to look pretty :)