Not Helping the Situation

How will Tango communities ever learn Argentine Tango when very popular festivals mislead people?  Many Tango Festivals in North America host a variety of teachers who teach a variety of dances.  Instead of Argentine Tango, it is a mix of Nuevo Tango or other alternative varieties.  In order to educate those learning Tango, festivals should be named appropriately.  If the focus is on Nuevo Tango, then the festival should be named the “Nuevo Tango Festival”.

We remember a time when we didn’t understand the difference.  We went to a Tango Festival and took lessons with Cecilia Gonzalez, all the time thinking we were learning Argentine Tango.

Organizers should take it upon themselves to educate the community.  If you like Nuevo Tango or various alternative versions of Tango, that’s OK.  But then be proud of that and advertise honestly.

About Movement Invites Movement

We are relatively young Argentine Tango dancers and teachers who are married both to each other and the dance. We truly found Tango after making an 8-month Tango pilgrimage to Buenos Aires and we are using this blog to share our thoughts and feelings about our Tango experiences. We are not aspiring authors and our writing skills are questionable, but we write our truth. View all posts by Movement Invites Movement

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