Playground Tango?


We found this excellent article and quoted it on Facebook:

“New ‘Nuevo Tango’ Sacrifices Tradition and Grace

…There is a kind of (for lack of a better term) tribal European dance that many people believe is tango, which is indeed called tango, in which the basic precepts of Argentine tango dance are being ignored, things like a proper lead, following the music, knowing the history of the dance and the music, respecting your partner, dressing well. These are concepts one would think would be the bread and butter of tango, which has traditionally been the most difficult social dance in the world, and one of the most beautiful…..

…I call it Playground Tango.

There is a great deal of this in North America and Europe, and it is all quite self-congratulatory. It represents a break from the old. Indeed it looks down its nose at the old as ‘revolutionary’, ‘alternative’, and ‘organic.’”

The full article can be found here.

The article led to some interesting debates and we were left with these thoughts: Dancing Nuevo without having or seeking the knowledge of what Tango really is and where it comes from, is like the stereotypical (North) American imposing their beliefs/thoughts/actions on the foreign country they are visiting. Not surprisingly, (North) Americans tend to be the ones altering tango the most.

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We are relatively young Argentine Tango dancers and teachers who are married both to each other and the dance. We truly found Tango after making an 8-month Tango pilgrimage to Buenos Aires and we are using this blog to share our thoughts and feelings about our Tango experiences. We are not aspiring authors and our writing skills are questionable, but we write our truth. View all posts by Movement Invites Movement

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