Daily Archives: July 15, 2008

We Hate Traditions…

…but we LOVE Argentine Tango

It seems that the majority of people demand the “perfect traditional” wedding with a marriage in a religious temple, something blue/borrowed/old, bride’s maids, ushers, etc (or whichever traditions follow one’s culture and beliefs). Yet when it comes to tango, there are those who shout, “Screw tradition!” and turn their noses up at it. We hate traditions – K wore a red dress, had bride’s dudes, and didn’t scare with any of the superstitions. But when it comes to tango, we respect it. We respect the dance and the culture it is. We are called names and disliked for voicing our respect of tango and not creating our own version or style.

We respect this and believe this to be Argentine Tango:

While this is an interesting and different dance that is called Nuevo Tango: