Daily Archives: July 7, 2008

We dance Argentine Tango. What do you dance?

We have been frustrated that we constantly have to defend the fact that we dance Argentine Tango while others who dance “creative” versions of Tango that are sometimes danced to non-Argentine Tango music never have to.

Everyone defends nuevo. We are the minority who try to defend Argentine Tango. We constantly have to defend ourselves and the dance. We are called “traditionalists”, “purists”, “fundamentalists”, etc when we actually dance Argentine Tango (the dance that exists in the traditional milongas of Buenos Aires) – yet for some reason we have to define the kind of tango we dance when it should be the other way around.

We have been attacked for dancing ARGENTINE Tango. We are attacked for not dancing large and “creatively”, we are attacked for not dancing Argentine Tango to Samba music or Loreena McKennitt, and we are attacked for not supporting every self-proclaimed teacher who comes into town to teach their version of Tango.

We will no longer defend what we dance. We challenge others to open their eyes and educate themselves about the culture and tradition that is Argentine Tango.

On a final note, those who dance Nuevo Tango are not dancing Argentine Tango any more than Modern (Ballet) Dancers are dancing Ballet (more on this in the next post).